Make Bathing Activity Fun for Your Baby

Most babies love playing with water while bathing. However, at times they might get cranky or frustrated during bathing. Again, parents should not stress about this much as this phase goes away with time. In the meantime, you can try some fun activities to engage your kids if they are not willing to take a bath properly.

Bathing Activity Fun for Baby

Comfort Your Baby

The first and foremost essential point is to provide comfort to your child at maximum. The water should not be too cold or hot. You can check the sensitivity by putting your elbow in the water. However, keep one thing in your mind; not all the newborns have to be bathed every day.


Give space to your baby to play. Fill the water tub with less water and allow your kid to get used to that amount. While he is busy playing, you can continue putting water carefully. Avoid unnecessary water drops entering his/her ears or eyes. You may take part in playing with water with your baby. It will increase his/her excitement level.


You have to fix the accurate time for bathing your kids. Make sure to choose their happy time when they are not in any cranky or irritated mood. Often babies get tired after eating their food or milk. Therefore, try picking up the time before eating. If you do this, you will see your baby will sleep nicely after eating and will be more active.

Shower Well

Many parents these days are taking the baby directly to the shower during bathing. It is an excellent option; however, direct water pressure on the baby scalp may result in harmful. You can slowly pour water from the drizzling shower to get your kid accustomed to it.

Gentle Products

You can use mild hair and skin products for your baby. Try investing in the natural-based creams or lotions. If you notice any dryness in the baby scalp, then you may use lighter, gentle eczema shampoos. These are very light and heal the skin without causing any irritation.


Cute Manicure Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 to try using SNS Dipping Powder

Red has been the official color that has long been associated to Valentine’s Day. From bouquet of flowers and heart-shaped box of chocolates, you can see them anywhere. Having said this, it is also the best time to burst out red nail polish. If you are looking for new ideas to take your manicure to the next level, here’s a couple of ideas that you can try.

This looks are perfect no matter your nail length, short or long there is always something for you. And if you are wondering where to get the best color palette, the rhinestones and all the accessories, you can get it in this wholesale nail supplies online store where you can get all the nail supplies you’ll need.

1. The classic Red French Manicure

If there is one nail art that will never go out of style, it would definitely be French manicure. The classic look goes well with any occasion but why not try to go out of the classic white tips? This heart’s day try to spice up the boring white tip with a deep shade of red instead and to make it more dramatic, use a red dipping powder for added texture and glitz.

2. Rosé inspired Nails

Rosé is a cool summer drink perfect for a date but you don’t have to wait for the summer to put on a rosé inspired nail art. This trendy look will also look good this Valentine’s since it’s a nice shade of pink.