Use the Right Ingredients to Exfoliate and Heal the Acne-prone Skin

Facial scrubs for acne-prone skin are not the same as usual face scrubs. Frequently face scrubs contain microbeads made from natural ingredients and help in unclogging the pores. But these microbeads cause more harm than good for acne as they open up inflamed areas which take time to heal.

best face scrub for acne

However, acne-prone skin requires exfoliation to clear out the debris on their face. So, the best face scrub for acne should work to remove dead cells at the same time, should not disturb the sensitive acne on the skin.

Salicylic Acid Exfoliation

The salicylic acid is the best component that penetrates pores and removes the dirt even when oil is blocking their way. It unclogs the pores and washes away the debris by gently loosening them, and eventually, you get unblemished skin. So, the modern cleansing products depend on salicylic acid as its ingredient to clean your skin and to reduce inflammation as it is also anti-inflammatory.

The action of salicylic acid is more of chemical action than a physical scrubbing action to remove dead skin. Hence, it is gentle on the skin and does not disturb the acne. Its anti-inflammatory action reduces the redness of the skin. The unclogged pores can breathe well and heal themselves as there is no dirt blocking them. The debris of dead skin that remained get dissolved and float out when salicylic acid touches them.

Precisely face scrubs containing salicylic acid is the best face scrub for acne to exfoliate properly. One thing you need to take care of is to check for skin dryness. As salicylic acid dries the skin quickly, balancing the dryness with a moisturizer is essential.


Other effective products use glycolic acid and lactic acid. If the strength of salicylic acid is strong for your skin and causes redness, then these acids are best. They suit sensitive skin as they are a little less aggressive than the salicylic acid yet deliver similar results.

Vitamin C Serum

Acne-prone skin takes a lot of time to heal on its own and leaves scabs that make skin look spotted. If you support the healing with some supplements, then it happens quickly and leaves you to blemish-free as the skin rejuvenates. Vitamin C serum-induced products play a significant role in this process. The best vitamin C serums for acne has the potential to stimulate collagen production and build healthier skin.

Other Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has many benefits. You always find it in beauty products as it can address issues like rough texture, acne scars, dullness, uneven skin color, fine lines, and much more of similar issues. Vitamin C is the anti-oxidant in nature and helps you fight UV damage and pollution-related skin issues effectively.

In What Form Is Vitamin C Effective on the Skin?

It is available in many forms from various sources. Vitamin C, in the form of ascorbic acid, is the most stable and the best. Vitamin C combines with other anti-oxidants like Vitamin E to reach its full potential. Therefore, many companies making Vitamin C serum take advantage of this and combine it with one or the other form of another anti-oxidant ingredient to achieve complete benefit.

These best vitamin c serums for acne having other supportive ingredients provide you with a bonus advantage. Just remember that different concentration of vitamin C percentage is available in various products. You need to strike a balance between the health of your skin and the capacity of its intake. Then you will have perfect Vitamin C serum for your needs.