Cute Manicure Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 to try using SNS Dipping Powder

Red has been the official color that has long been associated to Valentine’s Day. From bouquet of flowers and heart-shaped box of chocolates, you can see them anywhere. Having said this, it is also the best time to burst out red DC nail polish colors. If you are looking for new ideas to take your manicure to the next level, here’s a couple of ideas that you can try.

This looks are perfect no matter your nail length, short or long there is always something for you. And if you are wondering where to get the best color palette, the rhinestones and all the accessories, you can get it in this wholesale nail supplies online store where you can get all the nail supplies you’ll need.

1. The classic Red French Manicure

If there is one nail art that will never go out of style, it would definitely be French manicure. The classic look goes well with any occasion but why not try to go out of the classic white tips? This heart’s day try to spice up the boring white tip with a deep shade of red instead and to make it more dramatic, use a red dipping powder for added texture and glitz.

2. Rosé inspired Nails

Rosé is a cool summer drink perfect for a date but you don’t have to wait for the summer to put on a rosé inspired nail art. This trendy look will also look good this Valentine’s since it’s a nice shade of pink.

3. Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slippers

The iconic slippers of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is a beautiful nail art idea too. Using SNS Dipping Powder you can achieve the dramatic and glimmering nail design that will surely stand out.

4. Cherry Bomb

Thinking that red is too mainstream for the occasion? You can try this look of red nails with a touch of lilac. Instead of painting the nails all red, add a soft hue of lilac at the base of your nail. This looks very cool without going full-vixen red.

5.  XOXO Nails

Another way to skip the full-red syndrome is this look. Using small brush write the letters XOXO on your nails so your loved ones can feel your hugs and kisses from afar. If you are feeling extra, draw a white heart on your ring finger too.

6. Sealed with a Kiss

Lips stickers are a perfect way to turn a regular manicure into something special for Valentine’s day. It can actually go with any color but if you are thinking of going low-key, a nude base is perfect.

7. A simple Red Stud

Inspired from the same look as number 6, this time instead of the lips sticker, go for a simple red stud. This looks very subtle but we guarantee you that it’s a look that others will emulate.

8. Ruby Sparkles

Don’t want to go full sparkly red? Try this one. Sprinkle some red glitters to your base nail and you can feel not only Valentine’s day but also the glamour of holidays.

9. Red Ombre

Another look that is perfect not only for Valentines but any day of the year for that matter. This look is actually easy to pull than it actually looks and there are tons of ways to do ombre. But for the spirit of heart’s day lets go for the red one like this one.

10. Heart Tips

Wearing your heart on your shirt is so last decade. Wear your heart on your nail beds with oversized heart tips. The design also looks good on short nails.

11. Monochromatic Red

Have you got a lot of shades of red? We know making a decision which one to choose is just hard so why not use all of it at once?

12. Burnin Love

If you love someone you have that feeling where your hearts feels like its burning right? This flaming nail design is a way to let your partner know how you feel.

13. Jelly Red

Yes, we know jelly nails is too summer but hey it can also looks good on Valentine’s day especially if you for a candy-apple red shade.

14. Red with Metallic Touch

Still thinking of ways to accentuate your red nails? You can make it more glamorous with a simple metallic accent. Paint the half-moons on your nail in gold and cover the rest with your favorite shade of red. Finish it with a shiny or matte top coat, whatever you fancy and you have a very regal looking nails in an instant.

15.  Minimalist Take

Still the red nails but this time add a diagonal gold line for a simple yet dynamic look. Easy to create but looks very expensive though.